Utah Priory № 47

Knights of the York Cross of Honor

Salt Lake City - Utah


Founded in 1952 Utah Priory 47 of the Knights of the York Cross of Honour is an honorary and invitial society of York Rite Masons who have proven their dedication and leadership to the Craft having presided with utmost excellence over a Lodge, and Chapter, and Council, and Commandery; and have been chosen by their peers as deserving of this honor. Those who labor will be rewarded by being invited. One cannot apply or petition for membership.

A Knight who has served any of the Four Grand York Rite Bodies as presiding Officer is thereby a Knight Grand Cross of Honour, denoted by one Quadrant of his jewel for each of the Grand Bodies he has served. Each Quadrant is represented by the appropriate color of the order served, i.e., Blue for Lodge, Red for Chapter, Purple for Council, and White for Commandry, if the member is a Past Prior the background of his emblem should be Purple, if he is a Knight Grand Cross of Honour, but not a Past Prior, the background should be White.


The Officers elected and appointed on Saturday December 12th, 2015, are and take their rank as:


Annual Meetings occur on the Second Saturday of each December. Regular and Special meetings may be called by the Eminent Prior as he sees fit.